Ret-Q means Retinal Query.

So many questions come to the mind of a retina surgeon, so many experiences he or she gains everyday. These questions are answered at Ret-Q Programs. Anyone can ask any question, everybody is encouraged to share their knowledge and experience in an informal way. So, Ret-Q is a forum, which prepares the best program with high quality scientific sessions. It gives both young and senior V-R specialists to share their knowledge and experience. It also provides excellent opportunities to gain insight to the latest discoveries and innovations in the V-R field. Ret-Q is a platform for young V-R surgeons to network and establish collaboration and friendship. It is arranged every 2 months. In the light of the accelerated progress in the V-R field, Ret-Q will continue to play a vital role in updating V-R specialists with latest research and knowledge.

In this page, we will upload our RET-Q presentations, video and details of a seminar.